Cyber Liability Insurance

The world is more connected now. Computers
and devices play an important role in our personal
and business lives. No matter how protected and
safe you feel there will always be someone or
something that has bypassed your security.
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Cyber Liability


Ask yourself this question; what part of your business isn’t reliant on computer systems (Online portals, Emails, Hardware, Software etc.) and if a cyber-attack meant that was the only part of your business not functioning, what could you do?

Not much? That’s what cyber insurance is for. It’s about keeping businesses trading in a world where digital systems dominate.
For example:

What is

Cyber Insurance ?

If you came into work and you were told that someone had gotten into your systems and accessed your data, would you know what to do next? Or if someone hacked your business – to put out messages on social media, would you know how to stop them and repair the damage done to your reputation? Or you came in and switched on your computer and there was no response except for a ransom demand? Who would you call? Would you pay?

Cyber insurance is designed to tackle all of these threats and more. It not only protects businesses but supports them to meet their commitments to customers and employees if their digital systems are compromised, paralyzed or attacked.

It is now widely acknowledged that cyber-crime is the fastest growing sector of global organised crime, increasing at a rate of 40% per year.


Suitable for any business that holds customer, supplier, and employee data. It’s for you if you use a computer, take card payments or have a website.


You need it to protect your business or your clients from the risks of growing cyber-crime. It’s not only for your business but also for your personal life as well.


The cover highly depends on the nature and type of business that you own. We will happily create a tailored option that suits your business the best.

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